Your Mortgage Needs

Buying a house is an investment and for some people it is the write one. But is it the write one for you?

You Should Consider Three Factors:

  • Time in Home
    You probably will not recoup the high costs of buying and selling a home if you only intend to stay in the property for a short period of time.

  • Effect on Your Cash Flow
    You will need to have enough cash flow for both a down payment and your monthly housing expenses.

    • Down Payment
      Most people do not have enough money saved to put down 20% which most lenders ideally want. But there are other possibilities like only 5% or 10%. Even 5% of A $200,000 house is $10,000, could this be something you can afford?

    • Your Monthly Cash Flow
      You can expect that your initial mortgage payments will be higher than your current rental costs. There are other reasons that buying a home can save money. You usually will have tax savings, and other factors, which make it cheaper each month to buy than rent.

  • The Investment Opportunity
    How does investing in a house compare to other investment opportunities?

    • Your New Home as an Investment
      When buying a home it is relatively stable and a long-term investment. It also has the benefits of being able to do what you want with your property.

    • The Opportunity Cost
      Investing in property can tie up a lot of your capital in one place. This money could also be spent on other and potentially better investments. Pre-qualification

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