Hot tips on selling your home in today’s real estate market

Looking to sell your home in today’s real estate market? Well we have compiled some of the best tips that you may use to help your home sell at the best prices possible.

1 Dress Your Home For A Viewing

It’s all about staging your home properly. It goes without saying that the house should be spotless, but there are a few other things to consider that are easy to fix. If your home is a shrine to your children, with photos on every surface and on all available wall space, put them away as this may hinder the buyer visualizing themselves living there. Get some fresh flowers for the dining room and put on the coffee maker… Need ideas? Developers spend thousands of dollars ‘dressing’ show homes, visit a couple of local developments for some ideas of how you can show your rooms to the best advantage. Remember these show homes may be your competition.

2 Clear The House For A Viewing

If you’re desperate for a sale, desperate measures are called for, if you have a whole menagerie of animals, banish them from the majority of rooms whilst your home is on the market, neutralize all odors as this can be very off – putting. Have your home empty of animals, children and friends during the viewing – there’s nothing worse than trying to view a house that’s full of people and noise.

3 Get An Experienced Real Estate Agent To Show Your Home

Your agent should be present, ideally, but check that the person they are sending knows the house and can really sell it. Make sure its not a new agent with no real knowledge turning up, and if this is the case, you should be there to market your house yourself. If, however, a senior team member can be there, your presence could hinder rather than help if you are not careful. If in doubt, check with your agent.

4 Get Your Sales Pitch Right

If you are showing people around your home on your own, know in advance the order in which they should view each room. Allow viewers to enter the room first, then follow them in. This allows them a better view of the room and, if it’s a small one, will help it feel larger. Think about the benefits of each room and share them with viewers. Then let them walk around on their own. Keep a low profile, maybe popping into the garden for a while to give the buyers chance to chat without you hovering over them.